It has been just a week since the launch of the WRISK website and social media channels, and we are already overwhelmed by the number and range of people who have got in touch with us. We have received messages from senior research midwives, civil society organisations, public health professionals, and clinicians. Most importantly, we have been contacted by many people who have lived experience of pregnancy and have been on the receiving end of a multitude of messages regarding risk.

Your experiences of risk and pregnancy

We will be drawing on the messages we have received via our website and Twitter as we shape our research priorities. So far these include (but are not limited to) messages from those who have experienced pregnancy and mental health issues, those who have received unclear advice from healthcare professionals over the risks posed by anti-depressants, and those who expressed a desire to be told more about risks so that they could weigh up their own decisions. One member of the public got in touch to share their concerns over healthcare professionals withholding information about risks in order to avoiding “scaring women”. She believes that “knowledge is power, and both positive and negative information should be given to women so they can make truly informed decisions about the care of themselves and their babies”. Healthcare professionals told us they want to feel able to communicate risks regarding specific issues, such as obesity, in a respectful way while neither over nor understating the evidence base.  We will be sharing some of the messages we received on social media, so keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook.

Make your voice heard

We believe the number of messages we have received on such a wide variety of issues is testament to how much the risk landscape affects families and those who care for them before, during, and after pregnancy. WRISK was founded on principles of participation, and it is important that our research priorities and the topics we will cover reflect this. To that end, if there is something that matters to you and you haven’t yet let us know, head over to the comments form on the website and get in touch.